Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st May Labour Day (Pakistan)

Labour Day

All the social and economic achievement of any country depends upon it’s worker force. Unhappy worker means an unhappy and downward-spiraling economy. To mark the great services rendered by the workers’ force, May Day or Labour Day on May 1 is celebrated each year. Its’ an annual tribute paid to all workers for their contributions in making the country a better place in which to live and work.
The labour day is an opportunity to for the people of society to appreciate the sacrifices and hardships of the workers and it’s an opportunity for the government to reward and compensate for the sacrifices of the laborers. Merely holding seminars, symposiums, shooting-off speeches and posting away blogs aren’t going to do much for the workers, concrete steps are needed in that regard to uplift their life standards and to ease their hardships.
The horrendous and life-taking price hike in Pakistan has sucked the blood out of the veins of lower class and the middle class and there is no respite for them. An average worker normally earns around Rs. 6000 a month, if he gets work all through 30 days of the month. When he gets a bag of flour of Rs. 800 (with utmost difficulty) and then he spends Rs. 600 on edible oil, then he spends 2000 on sugar, pulses, vegetables and other household edibles then he ends up spending near Rs. 5000. He still has to buy medicine, clothes, and has to pay the rent of his house and the school fees, and other education expenditures of his children.
Now you know why the suicides are rising in Pakistan and why the colorful events on May 1st sprinkle salt on the stale wounds of workers.
Labour DayLabour DayLabour Day
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