Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are "Tailban"

We are “Taiban”

Think that this is not the Taliban, he still faint shot, the rates of the tip of Islam want to implementing the power of guns also cause interest in PAL, but the Taliban who love to know that it is a natural religion Islam says that I think.
The light, I think that this is the Noor human being can be found to serve the and education of human beings is the right human being and the Taliban, his advice that is a student. Hassan Nisar person, who writes in the daily Jang, he is a naat that every Muslim who really is that the Taliban had his leader of the command called is that I have also writes read are also some verses are.
Naat Sharif
Then birth have taken me, which is not even have the second, and there are in the atmosphere of Mecca would be a then apartments where the situation embryo way separation, the ground, and have some time in the heap of khazoor, Labor, which is in the event you have taken eating a militant in Saudi Arabia, in front of the your leaned only to participate in would be in sixth munawara, then side with the alkali prayer, child, head of the poor widow hidden in Clarion adopt the rest of the God we have the grace and we should.

Best Regards,
Javed Iqbal

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