Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Become A Freelancer Business

How to become a freelancer to start earning from home. Working as a freelancer is one of the best home business options. Without starting an actual business you can be independent through freelancing. If you do your freelancing service under your own name you need not register your service as a business. With minimum expense and without any time consuming process you can start as a freelancer.

You freelancing service can be focused on any niche. In general a freelancer is one who provides service for a fee. The more attractive point is you can work independently and there won't be any long term or permanent relationship between you and an employer. According to the nature of the service and the time required you can do freelancing service to one or more employer.

Why freelance is a best option?

The recession and the economic downtrend have cost many their job. Almost the whole world is affected and no country is an exception whether it is a developed country or a developing country. The sudden job loss has affected millions of families and pushed them into financial troubles. To generate an immediate income you can become a freelancer. You need not stop your job search, but while searching for a job you can decide to do freelance and try finding work independently. You can be your own boss.

The freelance options

Web designer

Graphic designer

Freelance writer

Desktop publishing services

Virtual professional

Freelance bookkeeper

The above mentioned works are most common options and it is not the end of the list. You can do any service or job that fits into the freelance work according to the need of the niche you want to serve.

The requirements of freelance

The first basic requirement to start your freelance service is to have something valuable to offer to the customers of your niche. You might have a professional skill or some developed skill due to your experience. Convert your skill and talent into a freelance service and offer to the potential clients or an employer. For example you can design websites and graphics as a free lancer. The basic infrastructure you need to develop a good income stream through freelancing.

Your own website to announce to the world your presence in a particular field

A business phone line

Business card

A post box number

A list of your work

If possible some references. If not you can get them after satisfying some clients by your work. It will make easy to get more clients.

How to get freelance work?

Access reputed sources to get freelance work as there are a number of dubious elements over the net. Getting freelance work through trusted sources can guarantee you the reward you are deserved to get for your work. There are some freelance job sources like

Search the freelance job websites according to the freelance work you are talented to do. Some websites offer free membership and some freelance job sites charge renewable fee to bid for jobs. You can find some sites with both free and paid membership. But under free membership you can find only a limited job opportunities.

Free advertising sites offer good exposure to your freelance work freely. You can also host your profile on freelance job sites and social networking sites.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancer

First advantages:

- You can work from home
- Do at your own flexible hours
- Low startup cost and simple to start
- Creates additional source of income
- Even more useful in a job loss situation


- Tough competition
- Employers psychology that freelancer means less to pay
- The global reach the employer has to get freelance workers

But staying in the field for some time and after getting some valuable experience you can command a good fees for you freelance work. The valuable references you can get will add to the power of commanding a good rate for your work.

As a freelancer you have to follow the tax rules of your state or country as any other salaried person or business entity. Carefully assess the employer as there are a lot of narrow minded employers who are looking at freelancers as cheap source to extract work and pay ridiculous fees and that too not paying on time. Only through experience and more exposure to the freelance job market you will be able to identify the genuine employers who really value your service and pay accordingly. Choose the right field that fits into your passion and skill to become a freelancer.

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