Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NEW BUSINESSES You Can Start Today!

There are only two ways to start a new business
  (apart from jumping in the deep end, not knowing what you're doing but hoping for the best – an all-too-common method, unfortunately.)
    The first method involves getting a job in the industry of your choice and learning the business on the inside before establishing your own company – a sound but slow process. The second method means buying an existing business, and this can be done in one of three ways – by actually buying an ongoing business, purchasing a franchise, or signing up for an established business system, with a built in training program. Or you could embark on a self-created training program. Business systems tend to be less costly and are therefore within reach of more entrepreneurs, while the self-created training program might mean no more than purchasing a few books and, possibly, attending some community college classes. It all depends on how much effort you are prepared to put into it.
    We are pleased to present a few ideas that could put you on the road to your own success —
~ MAY WE SUGGEST ~ Steps to Small Business Start-Up 
by Linda Pinson, Jerry Jinnett
Available at

  Want a fun business of your own? Arrange someone's happiest day - their wedding day. Brides and grooms are too busy to plan their dream weddings. They hire bridal consultants. Weddings take place year-round everywhere, so you can count on finding bridal business anywhere. Click here for information about becoming a WEDDING PLANNER.

  If you have ever seen a bad movie and KNEW you could do better, here's your chance to prove it – start a business as a freelance movie screenwriter.
  If you have flair for story-telling and can come up with a good plot, your stories could become ready-to-sell screenplays in no time.
  We present here the means to create a self-designed training program. The materials will be helpful to actors, writers and artists, all of which is essential knowledge for your chosen career. Jump start yourself into the exciting and romantic business of big screen movies. Click here for information about SCREENWRITING..

  Unclaimed property is a multi-million dollar problem. Every year millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over to the State by companies who cannot locate the owners. If you had money owing to you that you didn't know about, wouldn't you be grateful to someone who showed you how to get it? That's just one of the ways you can make money with a detective business on the web. Click here for information about becoming a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.

  Do you suppose those oh-so-perfect models in fashion photography and advertising are really that perfect? They're not! The pictures are retouched. If you have an artistic flair and also a love for technology, you may find yourself attracted to photographic enhancement, or retouching. Click here for information about becoming a PHOTOGRAPHIC RETOUCHER.

  When you last went to a travel agent, did you notice how much fun they seemed to be having? Can you imagine a more enjoyable job than arranging people's vacations for them? You can do that with your own travel agency. Our Travel Agency page gives you access to everything you need to operate your own virtual home or office based travel agency. And you get all the usual perks! Click here for information about creating your own CYBER TRAVEL AGENCY.

  Business relies on superior telephone services and related internet and computer services. You can provide that service. With this business program, you will provide a selection of top-ranking, brand name telecom products and services to businesses and home users. Imagine yourself in business with such well-known names as AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Dish Network and DirecTV. And, it's so easy to start! Click here for information about TELECOM DEALERSHIPS.

  You've seen Personals columns in newspapers for years. The Web makes meeting new people easier, more secure and more comfortable, and a whole industry has evolved around this simple – and much-needed – concept.
  Today's rushed and competing lifestyles makes making friends more difficult. What could be more satisfying than bringing people together. The original 'Lonely Hearts Club' has become big business. Can you imagine the appreciation you would receive from a single parent who refuses to scour local bars for a partner? Or a senior citizen who has lost their lifelong partner and now needs companionship? Or a foreigner in a new city who would like to meet someone who shares a common heritage?
  Build a business on-line devoted to this cause, or add to an existing website or appropriate business. Click here for information about INTERNET PERSONALS.

  Hiring the right people is a huge problem for businesses. It is hard enough for them to find people who can do the job, but sometimes the prospective employees have criminal records, drug addictions, or other problems. You can learn how to do Pre-Employment Screening and General Background Investigations for companies who are hiring. Click the link to find the information you will need to be successful.
  Or, you may want to consider this as a fun part-time business and use the same techniques to create a PEOPLE FINDING SERVICE, for class reunions, family reunions, and the like. Be a full-time Employment Consultant or use it for a quick and easy way to supplement your regular income by $500.00 a month or more. Click Here for information about EMPLOYMENT CONSULTING.

  Travel is the biggest category on the web. Why not get your share of it? Here is a chance to join a program and earn commissions on the sale of popular travel products, without having to spend thousands of dollars on inventory. All sales are made on-line.
  It's simple, quick and automated. Team up with the right people with experience in servicing the needs of travelers, and you can be sure they will treat your customers right. Click here for information about YOUR OWN TRAVEL STORE.


Business Plans
  Want a business plan for your business? - We have over 1,700 business plans ready to go, every one is different.

Business Mentor
  For a small monthly fee, hire the services of a knowledgable Business Mentor with 45 years of hands-on business experience. He would love to share his expertise with you to get your business started or propel it to the next level. This might be the cheapest, yet most valuable employee you ever hire.

Commission Junction
  Join many affiliate programs all on one account. Sell other peoples' products on your website to fill out your own line of merchandise, or create a complete on-line store in several easy steps. Turn Your Traffic into profit.

  Accept all major forms of payment using PAYPAL. Get features comparable to merchant accounts and gateways, at a much lower cost. Accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more. Sign up for PayPal now and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 


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