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Interactive Digital Signage and Your Business

Interactive Digital Signage and Your Business

The world is changing. Technologies that were once thought to be nothing more than products of the imaginations of our best science fiction writers have now become a reality. One such device that comes straight out of the science fiction universe is interactive digital signage. This is actually just what it sounds like, but to give you a better idea of what we're dealing with, let's go over a few applications that can be useful to your business.

Interactive digital signage consists of a large touch screen display, similar to an HDTV, that comes in many different shapes and sizes. For instance, some are shaped like a rectangle, and there are others that are even designed to be display lengthwise. The sky is the limit when it comes to what is possible with these devices, and in the business world they are really setting the stage for new marketing paradigms.

For one thing, you could use the interactive digital signage to create a donor charge at a hospital. There was a time when such boards were made of wood and metal, lined with plaques, but as you can imagine (or likely know already), these types of displays are typically ignored and don't get much attention even when noticed.

With this technology at our fingertips, plaques of recognition take on a life of their own. People are actually drawn in enough to take a look at them and play with the touch technology, and when that happens, they usually end up being drawn into the information that is being presented as well.

In addition to that, it has become possible to set up a display that acts like concierge support. If you are running a hotel and need to provide your visitors with a way to see the different services the hotel has to offer, as well as any events that you may have planned, it can all be done with zero employee involvement. Not to mention that hotel guests can use the interactive sign to book events, sign up for different classes that may be available, and even buy merchandise.

Another way business owners area leveraging this new technology is for wayfinding. We've all seen the huge displays at shopping malls that use a map saying: YOU ARE HERE. Imagine if one could use that map to zoom in and look at specific stores or even make reservations for different products. This is the direction some of this wayfinding software is heading, and they provide a revolutionary step forward for any shopping establishment.

There are many different options available when it comes to digital signage—the only limits are really your imagination, and the methods of interacting with customers via electronic signage just continue to advance. This is the highest level of customer interactivity with the least amount of effort while providing a customer experience like none before.
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