Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Start Business?

How to Start Business Articles of Incorporation Process?
Everyone when first considering creating a company from scratch asks themselves the question, "how to start business articles of incorporation?" The phrase, "Articles of Incorporation" has a scary legal connotation to it, and it should - but in reality starting the business articles for your company is not a big deal and you don't need a lawyer's help to do it. You've gotta start somewhere - and we believe you've found the best place on the internet!

How to start your business articles?

1. Look through the pages of this site. We have a lot of information to help you decide which business incorporation do you need? LLC? Subchapter S? Do you want a non-profit corporation? A profit corporation?

2. Familiarize yourself with the form linked to at the red rectangle on the right. This is all you need fill out to start the business articles of incorporation process. Once you fill out this form and send it - either electronically using the button at the bottom or by printing a PDF copy of the form and sending it by fax, that's basically it.

3. Ensure you choose the right corporation for your goals. You may want to speak to an accountant about this. Tell the accountant what you'll be doing and see if she/he has any suggestions about which corporation to file your business articles for. Accountants can be of immense help with this because they know all the IRS nitty gritty and you'll probably want to entrust your business taxes to a good accountant at least for the first year so you can see how it's done.

4. Will you have other officers in your business or are you 'it'? It's perfectly legal to have a 1-person Florida business. Again, asking an accountant or attorney about benefits that may be apparent with multiple employees is a good idea.

5. Once you've figured out the type of corporation you'll form and how to start forming it you'll need to come back here to this site and get started. Just for your own peace of mind check the prices of our competitors for the full incorporation package. We've done it for you at our home page - but go ahead and look around. We know you'll return as we have the fairest price for new business articles processing in Florida!

6. Visit our online form and get started! If you like we can walk you through how to fill out the online form - just call our toll free phone number and we'll be happy to help you.

7. You're automatically given a chance to win full reimbursement of your business incorporation with us. We have a monthly drawing.

That's about it. If your friend or co-workers asks you about how to start business articles of incorporation you're now officially educated on the topic and can tell them how to go about it.
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