Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death & The Grave

Droplet of Timeless Existence

by Nudrat Siddiqui

Thy soul sits at the edge of a stream
Alone, in a solitary distance
Eyes captivating the image with the shadow of a light beam
with the stroke of the hand a formation of ripples and its existence
Upon posing at this specific abode - leaning forward to notice a mirror image
Hands filled with water trickling over the beauty of the face unlocking a cage
With each trickling droplet escaped the poison, refreshing sensation marking years of the past
The reflection mutating the remainder from first to last
A soul of dreaded hope drowning itself in the body of land,
running to dive in the range of water - flowing as a strand
with each leap it weakened
this ghostly figure could battle no more, a self - interrogation led to suspicion of the forthcoming end
revival was of no hope while distance remained
just a drop - the body was unchained
leaping to both feet, standing firmly
identity was gained, yet time fading slowly
Alone, in a solitary distance
only enough to express allegiance in the remainder of the timeless existence
weakness fallen over such revival
at ease - letting go, reaching for survival
Lost but truly found
covered in the earth, six feet beneath the ground
time was only to lend
a gift... the suspected end
Thx www.islamicpoetry.org/viewpoem312.htm
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